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Miami Herald

Think retro when trying to stay in touch in a hurricane
Miami Herald
Television stations also have switched from analog to digital systems and battery-powered digital TVs aren't as readily available as the small analog models were. Society has ... A Florida Public Service Commission report from December 2015 said ...


NASA's New Self-Learning AI Could Save First Responders
She fuses all this information together, understands the roles and training for each person and their equipment, and synthesizes a solution to problems posted by the first responder, James explained. And during the time of response, the systems will ...

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Savage on Wheels: RAV4 remains a good overall value
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Compared with the standard model, it has more horsepower with the electric hybrid system working well via an electronic continuously variable transmission. But it's not exactly quick. There's still the electric whine when you let off the brake and a ...

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The Independent

Cutting edge of communications
The Independent
The mission coming up called EM-1, which will be the maiden voyage of the Space Launch System and will be the most powerful rocket ever built, will be carrying 13 CubeSats. ... They have contracted with us and JPL to bring us up to speed, and ...

Asheville Citizen-Times

Mission, GE launch project to curb costs, improve care
Asheville Citizen-Times
In an effort officials say is unique nationwide, employees of the two entities will together figure out how to better use all those numbers and charts collected by the monitoring equipment at a patient's bedside and the images of feet, kidneys and ...

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'Mr. Robot' Rewind: Analyzing Fsociety's hacking rampage in Episode 8
As Mobley lamely tries to drum up conversation with Trenton, stumbling onto the topic of mobile phone operating system preferences, she actually sets up an Android hack. To entice him to the malicious site that triggers the attack, she challenges him ...

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Hogs go wild in Lincoln County
Between rooting up yards, rubbing the bark off of trees, destroying roads and damaging drainage systems, it's no wonder officials have seen an increase in complaints about wild hogs over the last 20 years. In a effort to ... Some are so advanced that ...

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